No alert from Twilio number when iPhone is in locked mode

I don't know if there's anything special about my Twilio number (it's a 269 number), but I cannot see a banner or an audible alert on my iPhone when the phone is in locked mode when Twilio sends me a SMS (from my Twilio number). I only get an alert (both banner and sound) when my phone is in unlocked mode. I don't have any issues with anyone else who sends me a SMS, so this cannot be a setting issue with the message alert. I also checked that this Twilio # is not on my blocked phone number list, and since the Twilio SMS alert does come thru when my phone is unlocked, so this can't be the problem either.


  • Hi @zhuq1688 , I can definitely see why you're concerned about this issue. Would you like me to connect you with our support team so they can take a closer look at your setup? If so, please DM me your full name, email and timezone.


  • Response update from support

    Thanks for reaching out to Twilio! We will be more than glad to assist.

    If the message is being received properly on the device, but the issue is that you are not hearing an alert when you receive a messages while the phone is locked, this would be something that would fall out of our scope. The issues that we would cover would be delivery wise, or if for some reason the content of the message does not show as expected.

    I do agree with you that seeing this behaviour only happen when you receive a message from a Twilio numbers makes it intuitive to reach out to us to see what is going on, but at this point my advice would be to reach out to apple support and validate why you are only seeing this behaviour with one specific number.

    Doing a quick search I could see that most of this issues are associated to the notification settings on the device itself, one things that caught my eye was a "Do Not Disturb setting". Can you validate if a contact has been created for this Twilio number on your device, and if so can you validate if you have the "Do not disturb" setting for that particular contact?

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