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Welcome to our Community forums!

❤️We are thrilled to have you a part of our community! ❤️

Please, use this discussion thread to introduce yourself!

My name is Shivani (she/her), I am the Community Manager here at Twilio, my focus is you all. I am here to own the Community forum experience and create a safe space where anyone trying to build with Twilio can discuss topics of shared interest, experience, and ideas to help one another learn, grow, and successfully build within the Twilio ecosystem.

I started out as a full-stack developer creating client-facing products for the Energy Sector but after covid hit, I spent some time reflecting and came to the realization that I am more passionate about adding value to developer communities. I am based out of Brooklyn, New York, USA. I really like to cook and I'm super excited to see what you build!

Talk to me! 🗣 I'd love to hear more about you all and what you're building. Drop a comment below introducing yourself. 😃



  • heynikhil
    heynikhil ✭✭✭

    Thank you for warm welcome

  • maxmito
    maxmito ✭✭✭

    Welcome Shivani!!!!

  • Suvink
    Suvink ✭✭✭

    Hi Shivani! I'm Suvin, a Twilio Champ from Sri Lanka. Welcome! 🎉

  • Thank you, @heynikhil, @maxmito and @Suvink. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Wade Christensen, and I'm a Developer Educator at Twilio. I focus on the Twilio SendGrid docs 📧

  • Hi Shivani! We work together now! I am on Team TwilioQuest. (and hi everyone!)

  • Hi Everyone! My name is Brianna DelValle and I'm a Developer Educator at Twilio, focused on the Voice docs.

  • alinar
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Alina (she/her) based out of Austin, TX. I am the Developer Relations and Evangelism manager at Twilio for the North America region! Looking forward to meeting you all, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn :)

  • Hello! I'm Greg (he/him) and serve on the Ecosystem Evangelism team out of Brooklyn.

  • Hi everyone! I'm Chiara (she/her) and I serve on the TwilioQuest team based in Madrid, Spain.

  • Hey everyone! I'm Kelley (she/her), I've been at Twilio for about 4 years as the Evangelist for all of our Account Security products. I'm based in Brooklyn and love to cook!

  • hey Shivani & everyone. I am Davin Davies, most know me as Copperbeardy on Twitch and other social, I am a Twilio Champion from South Wales in the UK, currently not working so have lots of time to play TwilioQuest :) & stream

  • Hi everyone! I am part of the brand team based out of San Francisco.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Phil and I am a developer evangelist here at Twilio, based out of Melbourne, Australia. I've been at Twilio almost 7 years now.

    I work with Dom on the Serverless Toolkit and you might have seen my Twilio answers on Stack Overflow.

    Looking forward to hanging out with you all here!

  • Hello everyone! I am Luís Leão and I'm a Developer Evangelist here at Twilio. I'm based in Brazil and I love to use the Twilio WhatsApp API and do creative integrations with all sorts of APIs.

    Fique a vontade para conversar comigo em Português também :).
    Estou ansioso para ver o que você vai construir!

  • Hey everyone, my name is Maria Bermudez and I'm a Technical Writer at Twilio. I focus on the Twilio Flex docs but am also interested in infrastructure as code and would love to help with troubleshooting deployments and CI/CD workflows.

    My GitHub Profile

  • Ahoy, forum folks! My name is Mica (pronouns: she/her), and I'm a Developer Educator at Twilio. I'm currently focusing on localization of our Developer Education program and am interested to hear how developers world-wide are using Twilio.

  • Hi all! My name is Daria and I am a Technical Writer at Twilio based in Czech Republic. My area of focus is on the Twilio Flex Integrations. I am looking forward to engaging with Twilio Community!

  • Hello! My name is Stephanie (she/her) and I'm a Developer Educator here at Twilio. I focus my work on the messaging docs. I'm based out of sunny Los Angeles!

  • Ahoy! My name is Shawn (he/his) and I'm also a Developer Educator here at Twilio. My current focus is on improving Developer Experience and supporting DX tooling (Runtime, SDKs, Studio, and Console).

    I'm based out of Portland, OR where you can find me playing with fire every so often!

  • Hi Shivani and all the awesome folks :)
    I am Aditya Oberai (he/him), a Twilio Champion and rising senior at Amity University in India. Really excited to be a part of the Twilio Community with all of you :D

  • Hey everybody! I am Drew Baumann (he/his). I have been a diehard Twilio fan/user since 2009. In the past I have won some Twilio hackathons, made silly projects with them, and am a Twilio Champion today.

    Professionally, I am a software engineer based in LA and building companies from the ground up with great teams.

    I don't spin fire, but I still do fun stuff once in awhile so if you are in LA and want to meet up, let me know!

  • Hello everyone 👋,
    My name is Jagmohan Singh, I am a pre-final year student pursuing a Technology) from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, India. I am a backend developer(using Node.js), So excited to join this amazing Twilio Champions community and also to connect with you all.
    Here is my LinkedIn:

  • Hey everyone! My name is Ricky, and I'm on the Developer Education team at Twilio. I'm based out of Berlin, Germany, and I focus primarily on the Flex Developer Docs. Getting started with Twilio can be a daunting task, so I'm hoping that these forums can help guide us all in our journeys to become Twilio Experts! 🧗

  • Hi everyone! I am Emily Shenfield (she/hers) and I'm a Demo Engineer on the Developer Education team here at Twilio! That means I get to build demo applications and tell stories to inspire developers using Twilio. I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I would love to chat with any of you about what types of demos you find most engaging and fun!

  • Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Glauser (she/her), founder of nonprofit Techtonica, which helps women and non-binary adults with low incomes overcome barriers into the tech industry by providing laptops, stipends, training, and job placement with sponsor companies. Since 2018, I've had the privilege of serving the developer community at Twilio from San Francisco/Ramaytush Ohlone Land. I also lead PyLadies San Francisco (the largest group of women who code in Python) and a private LadyNerds community. I’d love to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Leo Camacho, founder of a community where we promote technology competitions around the world to solve the main challenges of communities and companies. I'm very passionate about Twilio technologies, mainly everything referred to building apps that uses messaging, voice and bots. I would love to connect with this amazing community and exchange some experiences (:

  • Hello folks! How lovely to meet you all :)

    My name is Michaela (she/her) and I work as a Solutions Specialist for Integromat. An essential part of my job is to hang out in SaaS user communities and see what's up. That's actually how I've stumbled upon this digital space and I am eager to dive in and start reading what everyone has to say :)

    Btw, If you don't know Integromat, it's a no-code integration/automation platform that lets you connect your Twilio account to pretty much any other online service and automate all kinds of tasks, processes, and workflows. For the curious ones, I'm gonna leave a link to all the currently available features of our Twilio integration here. If you're not a fan of clicking on random links hidden under the word 'here', I'll tell you that the page features the triggers, actions, searches and pre-made templates for the Twilio integration :)

    Anyway - hope everyone's having a great day. Looking forward to talking to you soon <3

  • Hi I'm Ian. I'm incredibly new to Twilio and I will probably be using this place as my base of operation haha. I'm planning to use Twilio for some fun personal projects hopefully learning it to use it in the big picture.

  • Hi there! My name is Chris, I'm an Enterprise Developer Evangelist here at Twilio. I'm based out of Houston, Texas and I help support Enterprise developers working with Twilio.

    I spend a lot of time tinkering, playing music, and streaming on Twitch. You can find me at I primarily do .NET development in C# but also have experience with JavaScript and SQL. Excited to be here and hope to be able to help support the Twilio Community in any way that I can!

  • Greetings and salutations! I’m Tony (aka smittytone). I’m one of Twilio’s Developer Educators, and you’ll usually find my hanging around the IoT area because that’s my focus — I look after Twilio’s IoT docs (Super SIM, Programmable Wireless and... soon... Microvisor). What else? I’m based in London, in a previous life (90s and noughties) I was a senior tech journalist, I blog on Mac and Raspberry Pi programming, and I design and sell retro-tech T-shirts on the side.

  • Ahoy everyone! I'm Tommy and I'm a Full Stack developer based out of San Diego. I'm an August Virgo (not one of those September Virgos). During the day I'm the tech lead of a hand rolled UX Framework and Client Side Performance team at ServiceNow and at night...I'm Batman. Just kidding but I do like to bring communities together to talk about tech. I'm a mentor for socioeconomically challenged apprenticeship programs based in Southern California. I guess assisting people however I can on their software development journeys really charges my batteries! I'm also freakishly tall so I'll be easy to spot IRL but I don't bite so feel free to say hi!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Liz and I'm a product manager at Twilio. My team is focused on building out new features to help you enable engagement and marketing type use cases on the programmable messaging API. Looking forward to sharing and receiving feedback on the newest ideas we're evaluating!

  • ethomas
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    I am a Developer Educator at Twilio, focused on the Twilio SendGrid documentation.

    Generally, I'll be monitoring the SendGrid category, Email category, questions tagged with sendgrid or email and keeping an eye out for untagged or uncategorized SendGrid and email related questions.

    Happy hacking!

  • Hey everyone! Excited to finally join the community. We've used Twilio in all sorts of products - but are now really beginning to commit some deeper integrations. Found some helpful posts and ideas here - so making it official!

  • Hi everyone - I'm Doug (he/him) on the Twilio Segment team. I'm on the product marketing team and focus on features in our core integration product. Generally, I'm interested to share more about the cool features Segment has to offer to developers, and to answer any questions that the community has about Twilio Segment. Outside of work you can find me hiking with my dog, playing video games, or trying a new recipe (often, unsuccessfully).

  • Hey gang! My name is Michael Carpenter (everyone calls me MC) and I'm a product manager in Programmable Voice. My background is in SIP and WebRTC and some of the products I work on include Voice Insights, the Calls API, and Programmable Voice TwiML. My nerd streak runs deep so there is nothing I love more than talking about the ins and outs of call behavior, call orchestration, and call quality.

    When I'm not at my desk I spend my free time working in the orchard and vineyard I have on my property in the Seattle area. I'm making my own wine! It's gonna be gross! I can't wait! Exclamation points!

  • Hi I'm Tommy and I'm a boy, I love cats, and electronics, and legos. I am a US citizen but since Grandpa was from Brighton England, I call myself English.

    I have a FreePBX and a pfsense router server, I have autism so I don't always know the right words to say when describing a problem, I try to give out as much info on the problem as I can, but sometimes I need help with some things like info on the error logs, what kind of systems I have, etc, so please be patient with me. I don't mean to be rude mean, and I hope it never comes out that way. English is my first language, but I even have trouble with that sometimes. I like learning other languages and speaking them, its my 2nd passion to electronics. I just signed up with Twilio, so I am haveing trouble getting it set up, but thye pricing is very reasonable so I am using it as a backup for another line, but if my other service fails me, I am going totally with Twilio, if I can get it set up for incoming calls.

    I also like to try new foods from other countries, Middle Eastern food is one of my favourites, but I also like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Nepali, Somali, Nigerian, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, Ethiopian, and a few others I might not remember to mention now.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Tim and I'm the de facto IT guy for a startup in Chicago. One of my tasks is to build a phone system, so I've come to Twilio to learn what I can about IVR and et cetera as fast as possible. I hope to be a positive community member while I'm here, but since this is only a corner of my job, I can't promise I'll be around much or long. Cheers!

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Negar, and I'm a business analyst at Fyncom. Fyncom is a marketing platform that incentivizes people to engage in your sales process. By rewarding people along their customer journey with you, your conversion rates will increase. Imagine using this tech to get responses to emails, surveys, calls, website prompts, and in-app notifications. Pretty cool!! If you'd want to learn more about this creative and innovative marketing platform for your company, feel free to ask me.

  • CapitalistCypherpunk
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    Hello! I'm Adrian Garcia, the Tech Junkie/nerd from FynCom. I'm also looking to get to meet more cool folks doing awesome things with Twilio. I can't express how grateful I am to have had Twilio's SMS capabilities when building our KarmaCall app for Android, which pays people to block phone spam calls. Twilio's VoIP, Studio, and Flows capabilities are heavily used in the iOS version of KarmaCall (coming tomorrow!). SendGrid is a godsend with Inbound Parse powering our "FynMails" for instant rewards.

    I'm super curious to learn more about the Flex Marketplace if anyone has any experience creating apps for that? Just here to contribute creativity/energy and learn more from the folks in this forum. Reach out anytime! Lots of experience using Twilio products and just looking for other creative ways to leverage this ecosystem. Thanks for reading!

  • Hello everyone,

    I am Marcus, working at Twilio as a Partners Solutions Architect. Still very new to the company and trying to navigate all things Twilio!

    I'm based in the Atlanta, GA metro area.

    Looking forward to working with you all.

  • Hi everyone!

    I am André Silva, the first Partners Solutions Architect in Brazil. Just like my fellow above, I'm very new to the company and still learning a lot!

    Hope to be able to support the Twilio Community somehow!

  • Hey y'all,

    I'm Amy Rose Gill, I'm an Account Executive in the SE, sharing the magic in Atlanta. I recently joined Twilio from AWS and prior to that was at Accenture for a number of years. Please feel free to reach out if I can be of assistance at @amgill.

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