Is it possible to forward a users number to outgoing?


Call comes in from user, user presses 1 to confirm they are human, that then responds with a Dial call.

Current situation is the users number is not forwarded to the call center, it's just the twilio number that is being sent. I have tried using this method:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


   <Say>Connecting to agent.</Say>

   <Dial callerId="+1XXXXXXXXXX">




I get a verify the caller id, i'm just using twilio to forward calls to another call center, is there away I can do that?



  • Have you tried doing this without the callerId in the <Dial>?

  • Hey @pnash , yeah I tried it without the caller ID but what happens is when I forward the calls to my other system every call comes in as the twilio number and not the clients number.

  • Ah, how about trying to set the caller ID as the incoming From parameter? The docs on what you can and can't set as the callerId are here.

  • Wait, the issue isn't necessarily the number that I'm passing, the issue is when I do pass a number twilio responds with the number needs to be verified.

  • So to be clear, the twilio number is not what I want to pass to the outbound, the outbound caller ID should be my clients number.

  • Bumping this, just to check in on possible solutions.

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    Is your account a trial account? Because I think the way to fix this might be to upgrade.

    From this article:

    Trial projects can only use your project's Twilio number, or a verified caller-ID, as the caller-ID (From number) when making outgoing calls.

    Once you have an upgraded account then this article applies:

    When you use <Dial> in your response to Twilio’s inbound call request, the dialed party sees the inbound caller's number as the caller ID.

    When using the <Number> noun, and specifying a callerId on your <Dial>, you can set a different caller ID than the default. You may change the phone number that the called party sees to one of the following:

    * Either the To or From number provided in Twilio’s TwiML request to your app.

    * Any incoming phone number you have purchased from Twilio.

    * Any phone number you have verified with Twilio.

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    Okay, it's strange but I think it's fixed now. It seems like the call out number, just can't be a cell phone. Also, thanks for always saving my butt @pnash

  • Depending on where you live, you can set up a list of 12 to 15 numbers you want to have forwarded to a different phone. When someone calls from a number on your list, you'll hear a short ring, and the call will be forwarded. 

    You can't answer incoming calls from forwarded numbers. (They're transferred before you can pick up the phone.) If you decide you no longer want a certain number forwarded, you will need to delete the number from your forward list or turn Selective Call Forwarding OFF.

    Incoming calls that aren't on your list will ring through to your home phone and can be answered. You can continue to make outgoing calls as you always do. 


    The number receiving your forwarded calls will ring normally.


    If you forward calls to a long distance or toll number, you'll be charged any applicable rates.

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