I would like to merge a function with a studio flow (get them to work together).

I used a guide to create a function:

exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {
    const MY_NUMBER = '+440000000000';
    let twiml = new Twilio.twiml.MessagingResponse();
    if (event.From === MY_NUMBER) {
        const separatorPosition = event.Body.indexOf(':');
        if (separatorPosition < 1) {
            twiml.message('You need to specify a recipient number and a ":" before the message.');
        } else {
            const recipientNumber = event.Body.substr(0, separatorPosition).trim();
            const messageBody = event.Body.substr(separatorPosition + 1).trim();
            twiml.message({ to: recipientNumber }, messageBody);
    } else {
        twiml.message({ to: MY_NUMBER }, `${event.From}: ${event.Body}`);    
    callback(null, twiml);

When I send a message to my twilio number from my number (+4400000000000) with the format of [E.164 formatted number: message] the message is forwarded to the [E.164 formatted number].

If it is not from my number, the mssage is forwarded to my number.

This is working fine when I select this function as my SMS handler.

I also used a guide to create a flow which on receiving an SMS, makes a http request to a webhook attached to Slack. the payload delivered is:

{ "text":"MESSAGE: {{trigger.message.Body}} MESSAGE FROM: {{trigger.message.From}}"}.

This is sent to my slack channel.

This workes fine when I select this flow as my handler.

I would like the best of both worlds. When I receive a message with [E.164 number:] from my number, I woul like the function to process it. When the message is NOT from my number, the flow to process it and send to my Slack.

The solution I see is to have the function call the http webhook and delivery the payload as shown above.

I just have no idea how to do this, and as far as i can tell, no guide exists.

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