Problem with creating a new Twilio conversation, old chat history is being preserved

Hi there,

I am experiencing the following problem.

When trying to create a new Twilio conversation, the Twilio SDK returns a new SID and I get it saved into our database.

However, then when I finish the session and get the related database entry deleted, and try to start a new session with Twilio conversation, the old chat history is being shown. The conversation object, though, has a different SID from the former one.

Python, Django:

new_conversation = get_twilio_client().conversations.conversations.create(friendly_name=name,attributes=json.dumps({'course_id': str(course_id)}))

The first SID:

SID CH675a9046bbaa46bd9361975dc6230bc0 

The newer SID:

SID CH0450237cb72b4f7cb9bdac702a0b7c45

But both had the same chat history.

What I thought would happen is that when I make create REST API call Twilio gives me a blank conversation with no messages.

Could you please guide me on how to approach this problem?


  • HI @aibeks , thank you for reaching out on the Forums. I am hoping we can get you a solution! I have reached out to support and created a ticket on your behalf. You should be receiving a confirmation email and support should reach out to you soon! Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hi @aibeks , I wanted to check-in and make sure you are getting the help you need. Did you have any updates that you could share with future community members who might run into this problem? LMK, thanks!

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