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I'm using the following http string to request 20 phone numbers for a specified AreaCode (example below is for 205):

https GET ""

Half of the time I get a reply from Twilio that contains from 1 to 20 phone numbers, the OTHER half the reply from Twilio is EMPTY - meaning Twilio replied but the reply content was an empty string.

Any ideas as to this behavior? I can try again a few seconds later and get a reply so I'm lost as to why Twilio is replying with an empty string.




  • Hi @JHinkle , I have reached out to our support team in hopes of getting you a solution. Thank you for your patience!

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    @JHinkle are you sure there are numbers for that NPA? For example, the 212 area code has no available numbers to display. That could be why you are receiving empty strings.

  • I received an empty string and then requested the same area code minutes later and received a reply.

    This occurred more an 10 times with different requested area codes.

  • I have added tracking to my requests.

    I have over 35 empty string replies requesting area codes:

    443, 410, 240, 406, 480, 205, 806, 432, and more.

    I have documented replies from Twilio requesting the same area codes returning 20 phone numbers.

    There appears to be a real problem with Twilio and it's requiring my customers to request multiple times to finally get a list of phone numbers.

    How can I or Twilio address/fix this issue.

    I can provide the date and time of each request if that will help Twilio address the issue.

  • Thank you for sending that information @JHinkle ! I have created a ticket with our Voice Support team in hopes of getting you a quick solution. You should be receiving an email, please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Update on this @JHinkle "found Twilio was not responding within a given Timeout so the Socket was closing before a reply was received. I have greatly enlarged the timeout period and expect that to resolve the issue. If the new timeout does not resolve the issue I will reach out to you but I feel IT was the issue."

    Joe please feel free to add any more findings to this thread. Thank you!

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