SIP to SIP calls

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I have setup a SIP domain, where I have registered two SIP devices (alice, bob). I want those devices to be able to call each other. One of the devices is a ATA connected to a phone, so dialing a SIP address ([email protected]) is no an option. I have only one DID inbound number.

What would be the architecture to use to enable one user to call the other one. Where should I code the trigger to intercept the event of a SIP device dial a number, which I then can connect to the other device?

I am using node, by any language works

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  • Many thanks, really useful!

    One follow-up question - the tutorial mention a the following instructions in one of the steps: "Visit the SIP Domain, click on your SIP Domain, and paste the URL into the ‘Voice Configuration Request URL’ field"

    It seems that this is from an older version of Twilio, as there is no such option in the SIP domain form. Do you know how do I configure the hook for outgoing calls in the current version of Twilio?

  • Happy to hear you're making progress @opinsky ! According to our support team, you would need to select the Webhook and paste in the URL for the Twilio Function. Check out the image below:

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