Twilio + Flutter. Is this possible?

I've just started exploring Twilio for a recent project of my company. We are making a communication app for a hospital. Currently we use Flutter for our app development and would like to use Twilio API to add chat, voice and video call function to our app.

I'm reading through Twilio docs but haven't found much information about Twilio API and Flutter. Current SDK is supported for React Native, iOS and Android. Is is possible to call Twilio APIs in Flutter without SDK? This is my first question

Second question is about Twilio Video. Can I make a direct video call to a user? I mean to skip steps such as creating room, add people to a room etc. The reason for this is because we will offer our user tele-consultation service with our doctor. Most of our users are low tech so we would like to make the app as easy to use as possible. Ideally it should happens just like a call on Viber or Telegram.

I'm very much looking forward to your help. So far I'm very impressed with Twilio.



  • 1) There is a 3rd party Flutter plugin for Twilio Programmable Video here:

    2) There is no way to make a direct call to another client without first connecting to the Room. However it is possible to make it transparent to the end users that a Room is being used. For example, say the doctor is calling the patient. The doctor start the call from their app. The app creates a Room and connects the doctor to the Room. It then sends a push notification to the patient with details of the Room to connect to. The patient answers the push notification, which launches the app, which then connects to the Room that the doctor is in.

    Having said that, it is better to use a virtual waiting room for telemedicine calls so that patients can test their camera, microphone and speaker before they talk to the doctor. This allows them to resolve these issues before they talk to the doctor. More details here:

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