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How to create an access token chat for conversation with golang?

edited January 13 in Twilio Community

I can not found rest api for create access token chat for conversation. I build backend my app with golang and need to gen access token chat for sending to client

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  • sbrijmohan
    sbrijmohan admin
    edited January 13 Answer ✓

    Hi again @thaibui , the following links might provide you with some clarity.

    There’s an example on how to create Access tokens here: However, the code snippet is built for Voice. In order to use it for conversations, they should import the Chat Grant and initialize it with the Conversation Service Sid.

    Here's a code snippet for your reference:

    accountSid := os.Getenv("TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID")
    	chatServiceSid := os.Getenv("TWILIO_CHAT_SERVICE_SID")
    	apiKey := os.Getenv("TWILIO_API_KEY")
    	apiSecret := os.Getenv("TWILIO_API_SECRET")
    	identity := "user_identity"
    	params := jwt.AccessTokenParams{
    		AccountSid:    accountSid,
    		SigningKeySid: apiKey,
    		Secret:        apiSecret,
    		Identity:      identity,
    	jwtToken := jwt.CreateAccessToken(params)
    	chatGrant := &jwt.ChatGrant{
    		ServiceSid: chatServiceSid,
    	token, err := jwtToken.ToJwt()

    Also, Check out this link: where you can create short-lived Access Tokens to authenticate Twilio Client SDKs like Voice, Conversations, and Video.

    I hope this helps! ✨


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