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Studio and Copilot?

edited February 14 in Twilio Community

I'm testing some Studio survey's and working on the code to execute the call to the API. I'm using the following code... of course with valid phone numbers and SID... but I cannot figure out how to get it to work with Copilot.

I don't want to have to deal with figuring out the phone numbers to use and figured it would pick up the number via Copilot. I tried leaving the FROM phone number off, as a blank string, etc. and nothing works. I cannot find example of what is expected.

Anyone know how to fire off the ExecutionResource.Create() so that it will pick up the FROM phone number from Copilot? Or maybe if it will not? If not, do I need to just pick a phone number to use? Is ExecutionResource.Create() the correct why to fire off a Studio survey?

TwilioClient.Init(accountSid, authToken);

      var execution = ExecutionResource.Create(

        to: new Twilio.Types.PhoneNumber(""),

        from: new Twilio.Types.PhoneNumber(""),

        pathFlowSid: ""


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  • jrothlander
    edited February 15

    I was able to figure out that you have to have a phone number associated with the flow and you have to select the name of the flow in the phone number settings. So, I was able to get that working through the code. So I am good in that regards. However, what about issues that are addressed by copilot when it comes to the surveys? Is that something we need to worry about?

    We are using the survey to get feedback from clients when we wrap up doing business with them. Currently that should amount to a few thousand survey's per month. I don't recall the number of texts you have to send per day, week, month, etc. to risk getting marked as a spammer, but I thought it was around 1,000 per day. Is that correct?

    At what sort of volume do we need to get to before we start worrying about this? Is there a copilot type of service we can use for survey's? Or maybe based on the volume, is it just not something we need to worry about?

  • I was able to open a support ticket yesterday to get the answers I needed.



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