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React Native implementation of Twilio Video

Hello all,

I am trying to implement Twilio Video inside React Native application, backend is built in .NetCore. As there is not an official SDK for React Native, I see that the only implementation is with this library and this library is quite old and not actively maintained so for a serious production app I am not comfortable using that. In the future will there be an official React Native SDK and support from Twilio, with some examples of implementing it? Can you maybe point me in some direction of how to implement Twilio Video in React Native with production capabilities?

Kind regards


  • sbrijmohan
    sbrijmohan admin
    edited February 23

    Hi @basovk15 , these are some great questions and I'll be more than glad to help.

    Regarding your question. There's no plan to add support for React Native in the near future. Of course, if the support is added, a quick start app will be shared, as well as full documentation as it exists for our currently supported platforms.

    Please let me know if further assistance is required.

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