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How to can I see attachment from WhatsApp on the agents view from Twilio Flex?

Hello Good Afternoon Community!

I've been googling around this topic for quite sometime, I am trying to allow the agents using Twilio Flex to see attachment sent from WhatsApp (images, docx, pdf) to download them. But I have not found good information.

So I would like to see if probably you implemented something similar already and which approach would be good to follow.

Thanks in advance 😁


  • sbrijmohan
    sbrijmohan admin
    edited February 25

    HI @knagai , I am happy to see your googling brought you to Twilio Forums. Welcome!

    Unfortunately, WhatsApp media messages aren't yet supported in Flex out of the box. Flex uses Proxy for its Messaging Orchestration and Twilio Proxy does not support media messages natively. This is something that we have on our roadmap, but we currently do not have a specific ETA for this feature.

    However, here are a few community-developed plugins that allow you to render media/WhatsApp attachment in your Flex UI:


    Please keep in mind that these are community-developed plugins. As a result, we do not support them internally. If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding the implementation of the plugin(s), you will need to submit them as an issue to the repository.

    However, if you have any additional questions with regards to implementation, you will need to create a separate issue on the Github repository. I hope this helps!

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