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Auto accept task not working, task are rescinded automatically by Twilio

Hello Community, I have been facing some issues trying to auto accept tasks.

To provide a little bit of context:

Every time a task is created using the plugin for whatsapp-outbound tasks, when the task is created by an agent should be automatically accepted for that agent, but instead the task appears just for a quick second and disappears and is assigned to some other agent available, checking on the console logs I was able to detect this output:

This is displayed evne when the agent did not have the chance to accept or rescind the task.

This is the portion of code I am currently using so any suggestion or help will be great.


  • Hi @knagai , I'd be happy to assist you in getting some clarity. This sounds like a situation where we should get our support teams involved. If your okay with DMing me your email, I can get this started.


  • When a reservation gets rescinded, it means that the task was offered to multiple agents and was accepted by another worker (but you) as you already know.

    In order to avoid this, you can't have more than 1 MAX RESERVED WORKERS in your queue for outbound otherwise your Task will be offered to multiple agents

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