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I am trying to create account but it got susbended


I created an account but the account got suspended with no reason. I was asked to contact support but there is no option to contact support.

Please help!




  • Hey @mofaheem, if your account got suspended then you should have received an email from support to the email address that you signed up with. That email will ask you a number of questions about your plans with Twilio and you just need to answer the questions, with as much detail that you can provide, and the support team will review your account.

  • Hi @pnash,

    I did reply to the email, I opened two accounts and yet nothing!

    I am willing to pay for my trial. How waste of time to wait for someone to look into my account.

    Sorry but pad experience before I even start.

    Thanks anyway.


  • Hey @mofaheem, opening more accounts isn't going to help. I apologise for the experience you've had so far. Can you share a support ticket number so that we can look into it?

  • I am not able even to open a support ticket!!!

    I started considering TeleSign and you know what, Their verification code doesn't come to my phone.

  • Hey @pnash Are you helping with this?

    I am willing to pay from my trial.

  • Hey @mofaheem, I have found your tickets in the system. I can see you responded earlier. This is with the support team to sort out now and they should respond to you within a day.

  • It seems there is nothing for me to do, but this just waste of time.

  • I apologise that you have to delay your investigation into or work with the API. Sometimes accounts get caught up in this process. You've done your bit in responding to the consumer trust team via that email. They will get back to you soon, but yes, I'm afraid you will have to wait for that.

  • @pnash Can you please review my account, they asked some questions and yet nothing happened.

  • Hey @mofaheem , from what I can see your ticket 8122719 has been closed and your account reopened. This is the the account that I believe you’ve opened with your main business email address.

    Your other ticket, 8122689, for what seems to be a different account, it still being investigated. But since I assume you only need one account and you opened this second one because the first was suspended, I’m guessing you have what you need now.

    Please try logging into your account and let me know if you are still suspended or if you’re ready to get building?

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