conversational scoped webhooks vs. global webhooks?


I am vey new to Twilio and to programing in general.

I need to develop a system that uses WhatsApp API to communicate with the users through a chatbot. In our server we plan on implementing a learning algorithm that suggest to the user a specific dialog that he thinks he would like. the dialogs are a list of interactive template with the chatbot. if the users sends us a positive feedback the algorithm will continue and send him similar dialogs (exercises) from our data base.

My technical question is. do i need to create a conversational scoped webhooks and assign each conversation to his own webhook and tag it as a unique bot, or we should expect the webhook to receive the conversation as a parameter? 

In addition, any tips and links on how to get stated and best practice is very welcomed.

I am exploring the docs but its still a mess to me

Thank you!


  • Hi @chayab1 , these are great questions. Would you like me to connect you with our support team so they can take a closer look at what you're trying to build and give you some clarifying answers? If so, please DM me your full name, email and timezone. 


  • hola soy desarrolladora en python y no tengo experiencia con webhook me gustaría realizar una interfaz grafica de un chat para interactuar con los clientes por medio de whatsapp api, lo que me gustaría entender es que función tiene el webhook y para guardar una conversación debo almacenarla en mi base de datos o lo puedo hacer de otra forma?

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