Questions about the Network Traversal Service

I'm currently assessing the use of Twilio's Network Traversal Service for a business project, and I have a few questions about the service.

I note from the API docs that you generate access credentials on demand for the use of the service in the form of tokens. Are these tokens unique every generation, ie. could the generated username of a token be conceivably linked with a user of my application?

When the TTL expires for the given token, if the user is connected via a TURN server, is their call dropped?

Are metrics provided for TURN server connections, e.g. connections per access token username, length of connections, bandwidth consumed, etc.? And if so, is access to these metrics provided via a REST API or some other means, or can they only be viewed from the Twilio console's "Monitor" section?

NB: Apologies if you just saw a similar question of mine and attempted to answer - I went to edit the tags to add the "WebRTC" tag, received an error, and the post disappeared...


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    Hmm, don't know what happened to your last post, sorry about that! I was typing an answer too, glad I saw this message and I didn't submit to nowhere. I was saying:

    The NTS tokens returned by the API are ephemeral and only last for up to 24 hours. The username that is generated for the token is temporary and should not be relied upon.

    You can look up the usage records for your TURN usage, but I don't believe you can necessarily use that to pin it to a particular call or customer.

    As long as a user is connected, their TURN session will stay live. They are not kicked off when the token expires, they just won't be able to use that token to connect again.

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