Twilio Forums Will Be Moving to the Twilio Collectives on Stack Overflow

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After deep evaluation on what troubleshooting experience is best for all of you (our wonderful developer community), we have decided to transition from Twilio Forums to the Twilio Collective on Stack Overflow (join here!). If you’ve been loving the non-troubleshooting parts of Forums– like the announcements, AMAs, and other miscellaneous shenanigans, join us on Twitter and Twitch for more of that.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with us and if you have any questions/concerns/thoughts/etc, please DM me here. We would love to hear from you and how we can best support you during this transition.

🌟We will no longer be answering questions on Forums! Please direct all your questions to the Twilio Collective on Stack Overflow🌟


Hi Community, Shivani, your Community Engagement Manager here👋🏽. We have some news for you! 

These past few months, the Community Experience team and I have spent some time chatting with you and learning what our community is looking for in terms of troubleshooting. As a part of this, we launched the Twilio Collective on Stack Overflow, a way for us to create an even better troubleshooting experience on a site where quite a few of you already spend time. What we’ve found is that Twilio developers are getting their questions answered more quickly, both by the 750 members already in the Twilio Collective and the 1359 people following the Twilio tag on Stack Overflow.

Our goal has always been to support you, and make sure you have the best troubleshooting experience possible. As a part of that, we’re going to start moving towards the Collective for all your fantastic and good troubleshooting questions.

Your fav @pnash will be owning the Twilio Collectives and has written some background information to get you up to speed on Twilio Collectives; you can read more details about it here. I have summed up some of the information below:

What does this mean for me?🤔

If you are a Q&A all-star, we’ll be reaching out to see if you want to be a recognized member on our Collective (this lets you get special recognition for your Twilio answers while also getting those good S.O. internet points). You can also reach out to me or @pnash with questions about joining the collective.

If you’ve been loving the non-troubleshooting parts of Forums– like the announcements, AMAs, and fun posts about food- @smendez will be doing a lot of this on the TwilioDevs Twitter, and @bschooley  will be doing the same every Tuesday on Twitch.

If you deeply hate this plan, or if you’re worried that something you love about Forums is about to be lost, please contact me– we do want to hear from you and understand the best way to support you.

First things first, what is the “Twilio Collective on Stack Overflow”?

The Twilio Collective is a one-stop home base for all the Twilio knowledge, and the developers sharing it, on Stack Overflow now and into the future. The Collective also allows us to curate the Twilio tags, by highlighting recommended answers to the most burning of questions.

By joining the collective, you'll get easy access to a feed of questions on all things Twilio, including SendGrid and Segment, and the contributions you make will place you on the member leaderboard.

Who can join the Twilio Collective?👽

Anyone with a Stack Overflow account that’s interested in becoming part of the Twilio developer community.

Why should I join the Twilio Collective?

As part of the Collective you:

  • Will gain Stack Overflow reputation when you ask or answer questions
  • See your contributions appear on the member leaderboard
  • Bonus: If your contributions stand out, we can invite you to become a Recognized Member. Recognized Members get extra flair on their Stack Overflow profile and a few extra privileges within the Collective, like being able to recommend answers

Become part of our supportive Twilio community💟

Whether you're having trouble importing the Twilio Python library, can't send SMS to that one country, need help creating a hash signature of your app, or just want to know whether you can use jQuery with that, the Stack Overflow community is there to help and the Twilio Collective makes it even easier to get that help.

It has been my pleasure to serve this community! I know this is a big change. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this transition; feel free to DM me with any of your concerns!❤️



  • 👋 hi everyone, can't wait to answer you questions over on Stack Overflow. Join the Collective, make sure you tag any questions "twilio" (or use product tags, like "twilio-video" if you can be more specific), and feel free to answer any questions if you know how. We'll be over at Stack Overflow ready to up vote your answers, answer your questions and gather all the reputation points 😄

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