AMD detection and bridging the call to client ( client: Identity) only when call is answered.


I have a use case where system will place a call in the background, and if the call is answered by the called party only then bridge that call to Agent (client: identity), if AMD is detected system should drop the Voicemail and call should not be bridged to Agent.

Also I need to use conference call here instead of direct call, because to enable call Hold/Resume feature.

Here is my code


var dial = response.dial();


        beep: true,

        startConferenceOnEnter: true,

        endConferenceOnExit: true,

      }, roomName);

let newPowerDialCall = await twilio_client.calls.create({

from: systemCallerId,

to: dialTo,

twiml: response.toString(),

machineDetection: 'DetectMessageEnd',

machineDetectionSpeechThreshold: 2400,

machineDetectionSilenceTimeout: 2000,

asyncAmd: true,

machineDetectionTimeout: 30,



On the other end if AMD response is Human, i ll add agent to conference so to bridge the call.



from: req.query.dialFrom,

to: "client:identity"



But the issue here is, if answered by the Called party, it is taking about 5-8 seconds to bridge the call since I am using conference.

But, instead to bridge the call to agent quickly if I use TwilML as


The call will try to bridge to an agent for voicemail drop, even when the called party is not answered, this should not happen in my case.

An best solution is appreciated.



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