Adding Insight information using Send_To_Flex Widget

Is there an example application that demonstrates collecting information from Studio flow that is passed to Flex Insights? Here is a simplified scenario that outlines a problem I am having:

When a call comes in, the variable 'vendorName' is assigned to the value 'ABC Company'.

In the [Send To Flex] widget, the attribute property is set to this:
"conversation_attribute_1": "{{flow.variables.venderName}}",
"conversation_label_1": "Vender Name"

In Insights, the problem I see is the attribute 'Conversation Attribute 1' displays the text 'Vendor Name' instead of the text "ABC Company". I am actually expecting to see the text "ABC Company".

I can validate that the task has the correct values from task router and am posting the question here because the send to flex widget specifically calls out sending information to Insights.

For reference, here are places that I have researched:

Label Data for Flex Insights

Send_To_Flex - the json is less than 1024 bytes

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  • qborreda
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    Hi @dwcarey -- just checking that the random use of vender and vendor in your post is not causing problems in your code.

    I'm not too experienced with giving Insights extra data to play with.
    In any case, "conversation_attribute_1": "{{flow.variables.venderName}}" this is dynamic to the value you set up on your Studio flow, whereas "conversation_label_1": "Vender Name" would just be the actual string Vender Name, so it indeed acting weirdly.

    Have you tried changing the value given to conversation_label_1 to something else and test the result?

  • Thanks. My example is misspelled. It should be vendor throughout: {{flow.variables.vendorName}} and "Vendor Name" respectively.

    I have tried changing the converstion_label_1 and do see the updated values.

    After more testing, I discovered more details by going to When going to the Manage tab, beneath Data, I can select Attributes and find the Conversation Attribute 1. When looking at the detail for that attribute, I see two entries for "Labels": "Conversation Label 1" and "Conversation Attribute 1". The description for Labels is, "The following labels are available for displaying this attribute in a report..".

    I'm not sure how, from Flex Insights, to display the "Conversation Attribute 1" of "Conversation Attribute 1" instead of displaying "Conversation Label 1" of "Conversation Attribute 1". I'm not very familiar with Flex Insights nor the reports/data in ytica but I think my issue is more about Flex Insights and how to display data than an issue in Twilio Studio at this point.


  • I solved my issue this morning by removing "converation_label_1" and retained "conversation_attribute_1". Now, when I use "Conversation Attribute 1", I get the vendor's name. I suspect that Flex Analytics is expecting metric based information if both values are present.

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    Nice catch. I'm still not too experienced with Insights but it's a joy to use.
    Does the extra website offer you more info on all the data from your tasks? Interesting!

  • Hi! I have doubts about saving information in customer_label_X and conversation_label_X or (attributes). Is there any way to save that info after accepting the task (not before receiving in studio flow)? Thanks in advance

  • TJ
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    Hi @joseco ,
    I'm sure you've either left this and/or figured it out already...
    but to anyone coming across this forum I thought I'd drop the following knowledge article:
    Link IVR Time/Path
    Essentially, you use 2 functions to create a "conversation" record BEFORE the transfer to Twilio Flex.

    This will create a conversation record, even if the caller never reached the "sendToFlex" widget.
    You can report on IVR dropped calls etc and pass through any custom attributes/labels (see below links).

    Would advise most StudioFlow architectures to make use of this functionality as in 90% of cases people want to have a TOTAL picture of inbound calls.

    Building this in by default saves running into problems later in your build lifecycle when you have to try and cram them in in retrospect.

    Been reading up on the topics here for some time now so thought I'd drop some useful links to any weary traveler regarding this topic:

    With the above 3 links and knowledge article, I'm hoping other people can figure out their own problems a little quicker.
    Best of luck building

    EDIT: when working with Insights, ALWAYS build in:
    more features more clarity.