New user - Studio question

I am 100% certain this can be done but a new user who TBH finds the documentation confusing. So basically I'm looking to create a system that:

  1. answers a call - greeting etc (simple by the looks)
  2. Asks a question (think appointment, name, date & time - NOT like the appointment "Hello World" example with cancellations etc.)
  3. Gets that feedback
  4. Sends that feedback to an external URL and receives a JSON reply - lets say "true or false"
  5. If true say "great - would you like to confirm"
  6. If yes then sends that message back to another url - again reply in JSON "true/false"
  7. Bit more "play message"
  8. Send SMS
  9. Close

All doable but I get lost on how to do it - which Studio widget to use e.g. for name, date & time, looks like name can be a standard "function" but date/time I don't see anything for them...

Help appreciated, thanks



  • Hey @russell_p, you're absolutely right that this can be done. You are asking how to ask for well defined answers, like a date or time, that can be given in free speech.

    There isn't a particular Studio widget that allows you to ask for a date/time. The basic way to gather information from a caller is through the gather widget. The responses for that come as free text, it is not able to extract a date or time out of the input.

    You do have some options from there. You could use the gather widget, then send the answer to a Twilio Function using the run function widget. In the Twilio Function you could use a library like chrono to parse the date out of the text and return that to your Studio Flow.

    Alternatively, you could use Twilio Autopilot to ask and receive the answer. Autopilot allows you to build bots that understand and parse natural language. You can hand the user from the Studio Flow to your Autopilot bot with the Autopilot widget.

    Let me know if that helps at all.

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