Taskrouter with external numbers

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I have a request to build a call queue where the workers are all having a non Twilio numbers (5 agents). I'm just wondering if and how with Taskrouter I can manages such external queue. I found few Twilio blog post around this topic but I still have some doubts.
Did anyone build something similar? any hint?


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  • Hey @maxmito, when you say your workers all have non-Twilio numbers, are you still receiving your incoming calls using a Twilio number? And you then want to distribute the calls that come into your Twilio number to your agents' phones?

  • Correct, after playing around, I made it working using an assignment callback with Dequeue instruction, and specifying the worker phone number in the contact_uri parameter in worker attributes
    Conference or Call instruction didn't work (or probably I'm missing something) any idea?
    Is the Dequeue instruction he correct one? I hope if the workers is busy or reject the call the task will be move to the other available worker
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks @pnash !

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