Need address and compliant clarification regarding Provision a number in Australia

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I'm able to get a number in Australia but can't get capabilities (sms) might be due to I'm not compliant yet.

I'm confused with address part that If 100 users of my application want to purchase a number so do** I've to verify 100** address before purchase a number?
I've to only register one address which belongs to application address and assign to all users of Australia? Please help to understand this point.

I've checked this doc.


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  • philnash
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    Ah, sorry @Brilliant16, I was a bit simplistic in my first response. There is actually concept of an "End User" in a system. The end user can either be your business, in which you only need to set up a regulatory bundle for your own business. Or, there may be several end users who are your customers. Those end users can be individuals or businesses.

    In your case, it sounds as though part of your business is making phone numbers available to other businesses. So, in this case the other businesses are the end user of the phone number. You will need to get those businesses to create a regulatory bundle before you can provision an Australian number for them. If you have 100 customers, then you will need to create 100 regulatory bundles.

    There is an example of creating a regulatory bundle for a business customer in the documentation. That is quite a manual process, if you would prefer to make the process available to your end users instead, you can use the regulatory compliance API to create a portal that allows your end users to upload their own documents.


  • Hey @Brilliant16! It depends on how you intend to use the numbers, specifically on the entity that will use the phone.

    If the 100 numbers you want to purchase are to be used by your business then you only need to provide the business requirements listed on this page.

    If your business is making phone numbers available to individual users to purchase and use for their own personal use, then for each user you need to collect the documentation for individuals described here. You don't need to collect all of the addresses before you purchase any number, you just need the address and ID for the user that is purchasing the number at the time. Once you have collected the documents for a user and they have been approved by Twilio you can then purchase numbers on behalf of that user.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • hey Pnash, thanks for reply.

    The thing is yes my individual users want to purchase a mobile numbers and want to sms to their customers.

    I've to confirm one thing. As Australia mobile number requires regulator compliance. so I need to create 100 Australian Regulatory Bundles like for each user?

  • All users want to use mobile number in my platform to send & receive SMS. Like SMS webhook url is mine. so then my business bundle can be accepted to any number?

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