Subflow alternative for messaging?

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I'm excited and optimistic for the eventual rollout of subflows in studio. However, it doesn't seem to be something we'll get any time soon.

I've seen that it's possible to use the TwiML widget to redirect voice tasks to different flows, but that doesn't appear to be supported behavior for messaging.

Is there a way to emulate the subflow behavior via a serverless function?

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  • philnash
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    Ah, ok. That's fair enough. The fact that we needed to build and release subflows as a feature means that the functionality isn't really possible without it. If you have managed to workaround this with Autopilot, that is likely your best bet for now and you should prepare to replace that once subflows are released.


  • @pnash Would you be able to help with this? 🤔

  • philnash
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    Hey @aaron_cl,

    The TwiML widget can redirect voice tasks to different URLs, though I have not used it to redirect to a different flow. Have you used TwiML redirects to move a voice task to a different flow? (I just tried and got my favourite error message "An application error has occurred")

    What are you actually trying to do here? I'd love to step back and see what you're trying to solve and what I might suggest for it.

  • hi @pnash,
    as stated in my initial message, the twiml widget isn't a suitable solution for messaging, it just doesn't work.

    The goal here is to send an incoming message from studio flow to a different studio flow, without needing to enable subflows.

  • Hey @aaron_cl, without subflows we don't yet have this behaviour. That's why I'm trying to dig a bit deeper into what you're actually trying to achieve. You have a message coming into a studio flow, what happens with it next?

  • @pnash We would immediately need to dispatch a long-running process that might take more than the timeout value of 10 seconds, and I would want to avoid doing something like running a loop in the studio flow.

    I think I've come up with a workaround that might meet my needs though.
    I'll send the conversation to the autopilot, and have it hangout until the required data is obtained.

  • I saw in the other thread we're chatting in that you had "subflow" as an entry point to your Studio flow. Do you have access to this now?

  • I have access to it on a dev account, but the feature isn't enabled on the production project.

    Even if it was, I feel it's unwise to depend on it until it's been officially released. Having access to the subflows in the dev account made me realize there are huge benefits, so I was wishing for subflow-like functionality but within a supported configuration.

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