3.2 Preview Alpha 14 released!

What's up Operators!

Moments ago, 3.2 Preview Alpha 14 started heading out for download in the TwilioQuest launcher. This release enables a lot of the first-party content work we remain focused on for our big October release, but also provides a number of new features and bug fixes for our brave early adopters using the TwilioQuest Extension authoring tools.

Breaking (sort of?) Changes

The main thing to be aware of if you have been building TwilioQuest extensions (Alpha 13 or before) is some strange behavior you may notice in your maps when you upgrade to Alpha 14. Some of your custom objects may show up as objects you don't expect. For example, we added new flame objects in Alpha 14 - they may show up where you don't expect them!

The good news is that this should be an easy to fix - open up your map JSON files in Tiled and re-save them (you don't actually have to change anything). This will fix an issue with how Tiled handles object IDs, and after reloading the game/map, you should see everything back as it should be.

The team has identified the problem behind this, and will be working to resolve it behind the scenes so you won't have to do this manual migration step in the future.

New Features

As mentioned before, we are building our tools at the same time as our revamped content, and the new game engine features we need are also making their way into the authoring tools. Here are a few of the new goodies available in Alpha 14.

Disabling player movement

Need to stop the player from moving while you do some event scripting? Maybe to create a dramatic visual moment in your level? With the new world.disablePlayerMovement() function, and it's related enablePlayerMovement, you can temporarily prevent the Operator from moving while you do some scripting magic.

Controlling camera movement

We decided that we needed to be able to manually reposition the game camera to show points of interest on the map. The ability to move the camera in this way is now available in Alpha 14. Check out this video to see it in action. An example of how to use camera movement is also now available in the extension template.

Marking objects as "interactable"

Now you can add a custom boolean property called interactable to objects in Tiled to indicate the player can interact with them. That will make the game engine display an exclamation point over the player's head, calling attention to the object. You can see this property in action in the new version of the default map in the extension template.

Happy Hacking

We hope you've enjoyed building extensions for TwilioQuest - we have certainly been thrilled to see how creative early adopters have been in using the tools to tell stories and teach technical concepts. Be sure to join us in the #extension-dev channel in the TwilioQuest Discord server, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on all things TwilioQuest.

We'll see you in The Cloud!
-- Your pals on Team TQ

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