3.2 Preview Alpha 22 released!

We just deployed a lot of new content and features for preview to the 3.2 Preview release channel.

πŸ†• New Content

There's a lot of new content to check out in this latest release as well! We've shipped three ports of some of our most popular content from the 3.1 version of TwilioQuest.

  • The JavaScript Test Lab
  • The Pythonic Temple
  • Twilio SMS and Voice

Find the Test Lab and the Temple in the new navigation map interface onboard the bridge of the Fog Owl. Check out the Twilio content in the green VR mission room onboard the Fog Owl.

These should all be pretty stable releases with scripting intact and environments revamped. However, we've not given everything a final review pass quite yet. Be aware what you see is not 100% the final content!

πŸŽ₯ Intro Video & Prologue

If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, there's also a new introduction video and prologue to TwilioQuest. It's been available for a couple versions now, but now is a great time to check it out if you've missed it!

Here's the opening cinematic:

🚨 Breaking Changes

The main change here will affect map authors and folks trying to play content that was authored prior to this version of TwilioQuest.

When we make changes to the twilioquest-base extension that affect the TwilioQuestObjects tileset this issue re-occurs. We've taken steps with this deploy to reserve 10,000 ids. Hopefully, in the future this means we won't need you to make these updates again!

To remedy this issue, open your maps in Tiled and re-save them. You don't need to make any other changes.

πŸ›  New Content Authoring Features

As you can see, we've been working on a lot of new content for the upcoming 3.2 release at SIGNAL! Part of that work has been continuing to expand the public content authoring tools that we also use internally.

We've fallen behind with adding new features to the TwilioQuest docs site at this point. I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to bring it up to speed! This doesn't mean the docs are incorrect, it's just we have a ton of cool new features too.

This is a quick list of some of the bigger things we've added in this release:

  • Expose idleAnimations on the self API for custom objects. Allows dynamic idle animation configuration.
  • The helper object in validator.js files now exposes the same helper.world object you can use in custom objects and events already.
  • Created world.showOverlayComponent that can be used to overlay things like the new nav map over the game. This will be expanded in the future to allow authors to display anything over top of the game they wish.
  • Objects in Tiled can now be given a boolean disableBody property. When set to true, they will have their physics body disabled. This means purely decorative objects can be placed and not collided with.
  • More small things like cleaner logs and other bug fixes

πŸ‘€ Open Sourced Bundled Content

All of the content that is bundled with TwilioQuest is fully open sourced now! This is one of the best ways to find more advanced examples of authoring content. Find all of our open repositories on the TwilioQuest Github account.

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