What's New in TwilioQuest!?

What’s new in TwilioQuest 3.2

Team TwilioQuest is thrilled to announce that TwilioQuest 3.2, the next major chapter of the TwilioQuest educational PC game, is available today! Download it now from twilio.com/quest/download, or if you have the TwilioQuest launcher installed already, simply fire up the launcher to get the latest version. The team has been hard at work over the last year to make today’s launch a reality, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. 

What’s new in 3.2, you might ask? Let’s take a look!

All New Original Art

The first update you’ll notice is a brand-new look across the entire game, with original pixel art from the incomparable Kerrie Lake. Your first experience with the new art style will be the new cinematic introduction to the universe of TwilioQuest - you can check it out below, or better still, experience it in the game.

These new visuals extend across the game, with familiar environments such as The Fog Owl and the Pythonic Temple was given a new lick of paint. Check out the before-and-after of The Fog Owl below!

Explore New Worlds

TwilioQuest 3.2 also contains new and updated content to level up your technical skills. With the Fog Owl, your prototype Cloud Exploration Vessel, you can travel to new worlds in The Cloud to build different technical skills.

  • The Forest of Open Source: Explore a forest planet guarded by the wise and peaceful open source druids, the protectors of open source contribution. By unraveling the mysteries plaguing their forest home, you will also learn how to use the git version control system.
  • The Pythonic Temple: Explore the ruins of the last surviving structure of the lost City of Python, and uncover the mysteries of the Python programming language.
  • The JavaScript Test Lab: Help a team of researchers with their cutting edge study of JavaScript, the most powerful force in The Cloud. Doing so will further equip you use JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world.
  • The Arcane Academy of API Arts: You have been granted admission to an elite school, where you will learn the magical incantations of REST APIs. Declare your allegiance to a school house, compete for glory in the annual House Challenge, and learn the magic of APIs!

Build Your Own Adventures with TwilioQuest Extensions

Also going GA in 3.2 are the content authoring tools we use to build TwilioQuest, which we call TwilioQuest Extensions. With TwilioQuest Extensions, you can create new worlds and new adventures for the growing global community of TwilioQuest players.

Ready to get started building your own extension? Check out the video overview below from Ryan and Margaret for a crash course on extension authoring basics, or read the getting started guide!


We are so excited to share TwilioQuest 3.2 with you, but we are just getting warmed up! Over the coming months, we will be releasing new content, new worlds to explore, and enhancements to our content authoring tools. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about game updates, and join our Discord server to chat with other players and the TwilioQuest team.

What’s your favorite part of TwilioQuest 3.2? Let us know in the comments below!

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