Troubleshooting Tips

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Sometimes, games don't always work the way developers intended them. I've accumulated various tips over TwilioQuest's life that can help you get more information about what might be going wrong.

Open the Developer Console

  • Konami Code inside the game, if you have code editor or Hack Interface open, this will not work. Hot keys get consumed by the editor!

    • input the following sequence of keys:
      up up down down left right left right b a enter
  • Click 10 times in bottom left corner of launcher

  • In the menu bar use Help > Toggle Developer Tools

What to look for

The Console tab inside of the developer tools is likely to give you the most information. At the time of writing, TwilioQuest logs a lot of information to this console. A lot of it might look like an error, but it might not be!

The number one thing to look for in this console is any text that is showing up red. These are errors in the TwilioQuest code that might be related to an issue you're experiencing.

Config.json File

TwilioQuest game state is saved in a config.json file on a user's local machine. This file has information like current XP, unlocked items, profile information, beaten objectives, and more!

  • on Linux: ~/.config/TwilioQuest/config.json
  • on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/TwilioQuest/config.json
    (Library is a hidden folder on MacOS. If you cannot see the folder in Finder, try using the hotkey cmd+shift+. to show hidden files.)

  • on Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\TwilioQuest

Be careful messing with this file as it can cause issues when TwilioQuest tries to start up.

Moving your config file to another computer

If you'd like to move your TwilioQuest progress to another computer, you should be able to copy this config.json file over. After you've installed TwilioQuest, replace the new config.json with your old one and restart the game!

Issues with Executable Detection

One of the big areas that users run into problems is getting TwilioQuest to correctly discover an executable they need to complete an objective. Not all missions use the same logic to find executables. Windows seems to run into a lot more problems with this than the other Operating Systems.

Missions like JavaScript, Python, and PHP do this.

Some things to try

  • Close and re-open TwilioQuest after installing the executable
  • On Windows, try running TwilioQuest as an Administrator

Game installed in a networked drive

  • If an exception has prevented loading of the game, this could be a root cause.
  • Node.js might not have appropriate permissions to run inside of a networked drive.

System Specs

These are maintained on the TwilioQuest site at:

File a Bug Report

Bug reports can be filed at The responses to this form are collected in an AirTable collection here.


  • What happens when the folder ~/Library/Application Support/TwilioQuest/config.json is not created on my MAC?

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