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I'm Margaret and I'm a Developer Educator on the TwilioQuest team, focused on empowering our growing community of player-developers and game-dev educators unlocking our super powers of mutual support on a perpetual learning adventure.

I've been making games as my goto way of learning new difficult tech things for nearly three decades, I live south of Seattle in Washington State, USA, my Zelda is Link to the Past, my Star Trek is STNG, I really like trees, and I can't wait to see what you build!


  • Copperbeardy
    Copperbeardy ✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Hey, all I am Davin Davies better known as Copperbeardy on twitch and social media. I am a Twilio Champion. I spend a lot of my time either writing code(C# .net mainly), doing MOOC courses, gardening, or playing games like WoW, or RTS. Am also HUGE audiobook fan.

    Also have play a fair amount of Twilio Quest

  • Hi TwilioQuest friends! I'm Ryan and I help build TwilioQuest.

    I like to make video games in my free time too, usually with JavaScript. I've been enjoying playing Magic the Gathering lately and am looking forward to playing Soccer again once that becomes safe again.

  • kwhinnery
    kwhinnery admin
    edited April 2021

    Hey there - my name is Kevin, and TwilioQuest was my dumb idea many years ago. Together with Ryan, Chiara, Margaret, Joe, and all of you, I work on TwilioQuest today!

  • Hiya friends, I am Dipo Rodipe, also known as TheWitherBane (or DipoTWB for short) on my professional and social medias. I am a Computer Science with Information Security undergraduate and soon-to-be open source contributor to the Open Source elements of TwilioQuest :D . I spend my time experimenting/Developing and gaming on Ubuntu Linux, doing Cyber Security stuff, cycling or playing games like Minecraft, or Cave Story. Love Lord of the Rings. my Zelda is Spirit Tracks, my Star Wars is The Clone Wars and my Batman is Christian Bale's incarnation.

    Also love to play Basketball :P

  • Hello everyone! I'm Amoretta, and I'm working on TwilioQuest as a game translator for Japanese and a community building human! Which means I would love to hear more about what you want to see in the community space!

    I'm a big traveler, fan of theatre, gaming, and films of all kinds. I listen to a lot of podcasts and my dog is at least 60% of my personality.

    Looking forward to getting to know this group!

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