TwilioQuest Newsletter: Operator's Manual #23

Greetings, Operator

Thank you to those of you that joined us at SIGNAL, shipped code to space or helped save the world's taco supply from Fredric's evil plot! It was wonderful to see our community get involved. We hope you enjoy exploring the new worlds, tools and artwork in TwilioQuest 3.2!

Intro to Web Dev with GitHub Education

We’re excited to announce that TwilioQuest and GitHub Education have joined forces! You can now learn how to design and build your own website as you discover the basics of web development in their "Intro to Web Dev Experience". The Intro to Web Dev Experience gives students the tools to start you on a path, no matter how much experience or technical knowledge you currently have.

Hello *actual* world

TwilioQuest 3.2 launched at SIGNAL this year, and we wanted to do something big to celebrate. Team TwilioQuest gave SIGNAL attendees the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send some code of their choosing to space aboard Talon 1, a balloon designed to send a camera-equipped Raspberry Pi into near Earth orbit. When in space, Talon 1 took video of the community members’ code submissions executing against the backdrop of space. 

Extensions Gallery

The Extension Gallery is now live featuring the fun and informative TwilioQuest content being created by you! Our friends over at Cloudinary have created a very advanced level to show developers how to use their media manipulation APIs, which you can find in the gallery. Check out all our community extensions, and learn how to build your own.

November stream: Gratitude!

Join us for our special event stream November 23rd celebrating our in-game Operation: Gratitude! We'll be hanging out with special guests from our community, playing through some of the new TwilioQuest extensions, raising funds and awareness for a great cause, and sharing some of our favorite ways to celebrate gratitude.

See you in The Cloud!

(Kevin, Craig, Kerry, Margaret, Joe, Ryan & Chiara)

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TwilioQuest is seeking student leaders to take on real-world assignments to help bolster the ranks of Operators around the world and unlock the tools of software development for everyone. These assignments can be difficult, but your goals will be noble, and your efforts will be rewarded.

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