Best Practices for Asking Questions

First off, thank you for taking the time to craft a better question for the forum. The chances are very high that someone else is wondering the same thing you are. Following these quick guidelines can help you to get the answer you need quicker, and assist your fellow Operators in finding the answers that they need.

Speaking of which, have you tried searching for your question yet? Your answer, might already be waiting for you! The forum is laid out by mission, see if you can’t find someone stuck in a similar way. If so, make sure to like the problem to help it bubble to the top!

Make sure your title is descriptive

“HALP! JS is bonkers!” is fun, but doesn’t necessarily lead to someone thinking they could help you out. Try to summarize what exactly is blocking you. For example, “How do I open the second chest. My hack attempt shows an error ‘NaN’”. Not only does this example help locate the problem, but it also helps to attract fellow Operators that know what an NaN (Not A Number) error might be.
Pro-tip: If you are having trouble summarize, try writing the rest of your question first, then try to write the title.

Introduce your problem first

Try to explain the problem that you are experiencing before showing your code attempt. Explaining your thinking will most likely allow you to get help to clear up a misconception that you might have about the objective. This will allow your fellow Operator to guide you to the answer, instead of just giving it to you, what’s the fun in just getting the answer?

Include just enough code to allow others to reproduce the problem. Make sure that the same code causes the same error and most importantly, make sure you copy the exact error message.

Give it a once over

Coding challenges can be intense, and sometimes emotions get the best of us. Try to take a breath and read through your question as someone who isn’t currently experiencing your problem. Does it still make sense? Do you still run into the same problem when you reproduce the steps?

Thanks again being a part of the community!

What other tips do you have?

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