About Support on the TwilioQuest Forums

What's up Operators! Thanks for playing TwilioQuest, and for visiting this community forum. As you begin looking for information and help on the forum, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Support from the TwilioQuest Team
The TwilioQuest team is small, and actively engaged in trying to build the most complex piece of software we have ever worked on. As such, we can't guarantee that every question in this forum will get a response from a TQ team member. We will try our best to answer questions as we can, but we generally lean on community members to help one another out whenever possible.

The best way to flag a discussion for us to take a look at is by finding and "liking" a discussion created by someone else who has already had your problem (when possible). If there is an issue affecting multiple users, we want to do our best to address it.

Our team is geographically distributed, but is generally most active during US business hours.

Twilio Customer Support
The main Twilio product support team (who you would interface with by mailing [email protected] as a Twilio customer) is not equipped to help troubleshoot TwilioQuest, and will likely redirect you to this forum or our Discord server. If you DO have an issue with a Twilio API or product (e.g. you have a question about Flex or Messaging), then by all means, please engage our support team!

How to use Discord and Forums Together
Our Discord server is a great way to engage with the TQ team and other players in real time. If you have a question, we encourage you to post it on the forum, where the threaded UI will be helpful in tracking a specific issue. Then, if you want to try and catch someone for help in real time, you could potentially link to your forum post in Discord.

Thank You
These forums are a community space, and you are the primary driver of their success. Thank you for hanging out, and for playing TwilioQuest!

If this is an emergency, please contact Twilio Support. This is not an official Support channel. https://support.twilio.com/
Have an urgent question?
Please contact Twilio Support. This is not an official Support channel.
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