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We, Team TwilioQuest (about to be called Twilio Education) are looking to gather early in career developer feedback and would love to promote that we are proudly part of this space. I'm looking for an ongoing content generation and feedback loop, something along these lines:

We're building content and a TQ mission for "Developer Fundamentals" and it would be super cool to include ideas from devs and name them in both.

Drop a comment below with what have you encountered on your journey that you wish had a better introduction?



  • I still now can't believe how I got the interest in programming.

    In 11th grade I used to hate coding and never listen to c++ lectures, teacher used to hate m.she sent me out almost 80% of the whole 11th grade, remaining 20% was the first 6–7 classes.

    the teacher used to say

    “I am 100% sure you will fail in the 12th c++ board exam”.

    Insulted every time in all her classes.

    I reached 12th grade, Note: in most of the CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu, you won't be studying 11th subjects that much, they just teach you what you need so that you will be able to understand some terms in 12th. I didn't have the exam in 11th grade so passed with luck I didn't know shit in c++ I didn't even know how to write the hello world program.

    After 2 months of 12th, I was diagnosed with liver infection and hepatitis ( I dont drink or smoke I got an infection because of the awful quality of water in my school.).

    I was hospitalized for almost a month. I lost around 10 kg (from 69–59 approx), I became thin AF. I was depressed because I missed almost 4 months of 12th and missed the revision schedule for jee classes.

    After being discharged I was given a strict diet schedule and was told to take bed rest in the home for another 2 months(this I because if u remember or know Chennai flood, each and every street was flooded. so the doctor recommended that It is not safe to go outside otherwise u will get the infection again).

    In those 2 months, I was so bored and I didn't have any books to read because everything was in the hostel.I had board exams in 4 months, so I overcame depression and I thought, I better start studying something now.

    Opened the laptop, solved some maths sample papers and chemistry(I was awful in chemistry). I knew his to solve because 90% of the whole 11th and 12th syllabus were covered in IIT classes. If I never studied for jee, I would have failed 12th.

    Then thought of studying c++, but I hated it. Then I thought “why the fuck do you hate c++ so much” I never really had an answer for that, I gave it a shot and started studying c++ from an online tutorial within 2 days I fell in love with it. Then I carved for more.

    Successfully passed 12th, my teacher was shocked :).

    Started studying data structures, created accounts in CodeChef, and started to practice more(because I sucked at starting, couldn't solve most of the problems, took help from StackOverflow), from then till now I started to code so much and participated in many college competition and inline competition.

    My friends were shocked to know that I code so much.

    I am now one of the top 5 coders in my college.

    Thank You!

  • Incredible story @KIET7UKE thank you for sharing!

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